Morph was featured at home page of world known website ‘’ for a month back in, May 2016.

About the design

  Morph is a modular shoe with 2 changeable parts.Users can change the parts for a desired combination of the 2 parts.

  Inner part is made out of neoprene sock to avoid getting the feet wet.The outer part is made from polyurethane to prevent users to slip when on a boat or a wet surface.



Main focus of Morph is, with two changeabale part it gives the opportunity of customization to the user.

Ideation Sketches

During the project time, nearly 550-600 sketches were made, and in those 600 sketches only one was selected to move things further.

Bag Sketches

The main idea of the process was to design a bag and a shoe, that had the same design philosophy, language. The bag design is similiar with consisting 2 parts as the shoe.


After deciding the final concept, 3D modelling for production was a necessity for molding. The shoe’s unordinary form made the CAD phase was pretty challenging. The CAD files came to life with the help of 3D printing. The SLS Printing was the choice to go, for making the mold come to life perfectly. Mold consisted 3 parts, one male, two female.

Casting phase

Good footwear should be comfortable, long-lasting and fit for purpose – not to mention affordable. Polyurethanes allow designers to meet all of these objectives. 

Light but highly abrasion-resistant polyurethanes are perfect for hardwearing shoe soles, with excellent long-term mechanical properties. Polyurethane soles are practical and keep water out, while in no way limiting design potential.


While in the production phase, I also designed a 2 part bag, similiar to the shoe itself. It had the same idea ( customization) as the shoe. The Morph Bag is handcrafted, the outer part is made from plastic, that has Velcro for attaching the inner fabric part.

First Prototype

Shoe and Bag Prototypes

After a long but an entertaining process, Morph shoe and bag came to life!