Prıvacy seater

desıgned for lox desıgn

The Design

The design basis of ‘Moi’ comes from it’s name which in french it means ‘me,myself’. 

Moi aims to isolate it’s user from their daily concerns, worriers, surroundings even if it’s only for a couple of seconds or an hour and just be with themselves. 


Moi Single/Two Seater

Moi comes in two sizes, a single seater just to be with yourself or a two seater so that you could be with your loved one, a friend, even a colleague for a quick business meeting. 

High Coffee Table

Whether you want to chill or do business the high coffee table offers you the opportunity to let you work with your laptop, tablet, notebook etc.  while you are with ‘yourself’.

Side Table

A minimal ash wood top and metal leg coffee table waiting for your fresh cup of coffee.

When designing the collection I had a main goal, which was to cut off the surrounding sounds, distractions just to focus on yourself, work or a lovely chat with a friend.

Nets were used on the side panels so the person seating can see a glimpse of what's around them, while being isolated from outside. Velvet fabric is used at seating to welcome you with the lovely feeling when you touch it. Acoustic fabrics are used on the outer and inner part for noise cancellation.