electronıc bıke

Electronic Wooden bicycle

The design inspiration of Lignum was to create an eco friendly electrical bike while making it easy to manufacture. Making the main body parts, CNC machined plywood and laser cut aluminum made this dream come true. Using plywood, a natural material as the main element of the bike makes the production and manufacturing less harmful to nature against other production techniques.


   When I began the design process I aimed for the natural material use in bicycle design. So I started out by trying out different woods. While I was researching for the right material, I came across ash wood which was spesificly the right material for bike frame constructions. Ash wood is a very durable material against an impact or other stresses while cycling.The 300W electrical motor between the main plywood parts boosts the cyclist when they get tired.


The plywood parts are ash wood. Metal parts are made from light-weight aluminum. 300W motor ables the user to go up to a distance of 75km. All parts are made from CNC machinery and laser cutting.


Lignum’s goal was to design an electrical bike that didn’t use the common pipe structure and produce it in an eco friendly way. Lignum focuses on the flexibility, sustainability and easy processing features of plywood. Plywood combined with aluminum parts meets the expectation of a solid body in a bike. Easy processing of plywood made the production very easy with CNC machinery, the most cost efficient way of production. 300W motor supports the user, up to a distance of approximately 75km.


A working prototype was produced within a month during the project time.