2016 A’ Design Awards Winner in Lightning Products


Inlor Desk Lamp

Inlor is a lamp that aims to meet functionality with simplicity by it’s design. The user can arrange the pieces for his/her desire by arranging the rod and the wooden base. The lamp uses 2 bright warm white LED’s that are placed evenly for maximum luminosity. Adjusting the parts and intensity of the LED’s can turn the lamp into an ambient light or a desk lamp with a desired form.

Operation / Flow

Using this lamps is as simple as it’s minimal design. With a simple twist of the power ring the lamp turns on. As you continue turning the ring, the light intensity increases. Users can arrange the lamp’s brightness, height and angle with 3 basic movements; by rotating the power ring, moving the oak piece along the rod and rotating the rod.


The lamp is made up of three main parts, an aluminum body, aluminum top part for LED’s and electronic parts and an oak support part. The aluminum rod part was produced by a 4 axes CNC laser. The top part is connected by two O-rings to the base aluminum rod for an easy install. A silicone ring is used for stabilization between the base aluminum and the wooden part. A steel bar is located at the bottom of the aluminum rod to provide weight for balance. The lenses in front of the two LED’s help to provide a wide angle of light. The Lamp’s rotating power ring is made of plastic.


Aluminum rod Length: 450mm, Diameter: 25mm, Thickness: 1mm, Oak plywood support Height: 165mm, Width: 200mm Max. Thickness: 15mm, Min. Thickness: 5mm. 2 x 5 watt LED’s, 2 x 120 degree LED Lenses Diameter: 20mm, 2 x Heatsinkers Diameter:19,2mm, Steel bar Length: 100mm, Width: 21mm, Silicone ring Diameter: 25mm, Length: 17mm, Silicone bottom part Diameter: 23mm