About Us

Emre Pektas is an award winning Product Designer & Creative Artist.

About Me

I’m Emre Pektas, a seasoned multiple award-winning furniture and product designer born in 1989. My design philosophy revolves around structure and simplicity, valuing organisation and consistency in every project. I draw inspiration from diverse sources and collaborate with great minds to craft unique experiences. When not immersed in the world of design, you might catch me sipping coffee at a local cafe, delving into digital art, enjoying a football game, designing a tattoo, or savouring an old-fashioned drink.

Furniture Design

Drawing on six years of furniture design expertise, I've cultivated a skill set that seamlessly merges innovation and aesthetics into timeless, functional pieces.

Product Design

My product design skills, cultivated over six years, blend creativity and functionality for innovative and user-centric solutions.


I excel in manufacturing and sourcing, ensuring top-quality products and efficient supply chains.

My Clients

Let’s work together!